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"No intervention that takes power away from the survivor can possibly foster her recovery, no matter how much it appears to be in their immediate best interest". 

Judith Herman, M.D.

TCTSY was created for the treatment of complex trauma and/or treatment resistant PTSD.  TCTSY is grounding in both trauma and attachment theory.  Through this research we have discovered more about how trauma is stored and effects our nervous system.  Trauma lives on the body, not just in our brains; TCTSY takes an embodied approach to healing to help heal trauma from within.

Survivors of trauma often struggle with awareness and/or connection to their bodies. Through the 5 core elements of TCTSY -Invitational Language, Choice-Language, Non-Coercion, Interception, and Shared Authentic Experience - survivors are provided a safe place to promote healing.

Research has shown that traditional talk therapy can only heal you from trauma so much - often we need more brain and body interventions to fully heal from the complexities of trauma. In the practice of TCTSY we are allowing our brain and body to heal from the trauma.

If you are interested in TCTSY classes please click the button below and/or reach out directly to find out more.  Starting fall 2021, I am offering weekly TCTSY groups.  They are offered to a limited number of clients, in a closed setting, for all bodies of self-identified trauma survivors.  I do require a phone assessment prior to signing up to make sure this is a good option for you.  You can set up your free phone assessment via the MindBody App (click the button below). 

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